The Process

The Easy Path to Land Ownership

We understand that the process of purchasing land should be seamless and hassle-free. Our goal is to make your dream of land ownership a reality. Here's how to get started:

  1. Browse Our Selection: Explore our diverse range of land options to find the one that suits your preferences and budget. We offer competitive prices, and there's no need for a credit check. We even provide 0% interest financing. "Featured Properties"

  2. Reserve Your Property: When you've found your ideal property, click "Reserve Now" in the menu to initiate the process.

  3. Complete the Form: Fill out the provided form with accurate information, including the property's APN (Assessor's Parcel Number), available in each property's description.

  4. Our Team Contacts You: Expect to hear from one of our representatives within 24 hours. They will guide you through the next steps, including making a down payment and a mandatory document fee of $249.  All properties can be purchased in full.

  5. Easily Sign Documents: Once the initial payments are complete, you'll receive a few documents to sign electronically. There are no binding contracts, and you can cancel monthly payments at any time. "View Documents"

  6. Property Ownership: Once you've set up your monthly recurring payments, (Or purchased in full) congratulations – you now have access and/or ownership of the property

If you are financing the property, full ownership will be transferred to you (the buyer) immediately after you have paid for the entirety of the property.  

    Throughout this journey, our team is here to address any questions or concerns you may have. We are committed to making your dream of land ownership a reality. Your journey to becoming a landowner is just a few steps away with OTL Land LLC.